You Do Crossfit Why Don’T You Cross Fuck Off?

Quote from: diamonddave on November 16, 2013, 12:32:20 PM You hate that I work out then why don’t you say that to my face.

Except if you did tell me to fuck off in person would give me an opportunity to punch you in the nose, so what do I care? Except if you did tell me to fuck off in person would give me an opportunity to punch you in the nose, so what do I care?

i agree with luis. mcdonalds is quality shit; about twice as good as any fast food joint… but it costs like 20 dollars for a damn medium fry. fucking gross.

solidus said.. pre-workout helps with lifting weights or running/jogging right? i never take it but i wonder how long it lasts and what other benefits one might get during/after workouts vs baseline performance (before stomach cramps start). does anyone take something similar before they go to the gym versus just taking some coffee or something else before going? can caffeine have ill effects on bone density? is there a difference if one takes something that doesn’t contain sugar too since they both function similarly chemically and physically when ingested…? my main question i guess is how worried/concerned should i be about this possible negative effect of taking stuff prior to working out vs any potential benefits…-_- same goes for taking drugs outside of athletics :\.. -_- everyone

How To Take Care Of Your Hands During Crossfit?

Steve Cook Blocked Unblock Follow Following May 8, 2016 Recently I’ve been working out a lot and taking care of my hands. I have a problem….my skin is not as healthy as it should be. It seems that almost every time I work out the skin on my forearms becomes irritated and painful, especially on my fingers from punching things too hard. So I was wondering what can possibly be causing this? At first, it didn’t hurt much but now it does so bad that sometimes it takes me nearly an hour to get home from work because after 15 minutes of walking the pain starts to build up. Is there something specific going on here or am I overreacting? How do other people take care of their hands during crossfit? Thanks for reading!

6 Cool CrossFit Partner WODs To Spice Up Your Workouts

you do crossfit why don't you cross fuck off?


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