Yoga Game Challenge – For Crossfit And Yoga Logging In How Many Times You Go To Class?

– basketball, tennis, running (don’t forget your health workouts) logging in how many hours you’ve worked out over the past 7 days. level up and get more points for doing better 🙂 yoga challenge – total # of classes you can do per week putting nice videos of yourself on instagram, tracking your diet on fitocracy – #/week (325 cal) total calories burned 30min walking daily biking everyday if yesterday was a rest day log it + % calories burned tmrw will be ‘healthy core’ core training workout – focus on fire hydrants! Here’s one with visuals…

She’s really trying to fine tune this list so she doesn’t have any conflicting obligations popping up too soon. Seeing as our chance of being able to even go to Italy isn’t likely until February 2015 I think we’ll just have to play it by ear for now. They’re very excited about everything but my husband is still working away overseas so he hasn’t had much time to plan anything yet :\ We’ll probably just keep playing around with all these things until the new year rolls around again:-D

How Much To Pay To Have Crossfit In Your Ame?

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XSS Scanner

yoga game challenge - for crossfit and yoga logging in how many times you go to class?


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