Why Was Nike Metcon Banned At Crossfit Games?

a) good reason

b) bad reason

ANSWER: a – nike athletes lack integrity, they didn’t report the fact that they were taking any of the drugs. This is a really good example of a competitor lying to gain an advantage iin competition. If you ask me, this would be a “b” argument even though it may not be illegal. However if I was judging, I would still think it fell under the category of “a”. While I agree that it is unethical for someone to take prohibited or un-approved performance enhancing drugs across board races, there are events where the use of such substances are allowed by international rules and regulations (example FEDRA). If this was in last years CrossFit Games then it would have been legal because much like IM USA at last year’s games, these athletic agencies do their best to police prescription drug usage among their members directly affected by them as opposed to just banning all forms/kinds of PEDS regardless (Rationale 5). When asked about whether or not he used PEDs at last year’s Games Drifter told Bleacher Report “I haven’t taken anything yet…. What happens beyond 10 minutes? The water decides how fast you can run.” I believe what happened with #Drifter is he actually took something but didn’t know he was doing so due to misapplication which leads me into my next point…

Question 3:

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why was nike metcon banned at crossfit games?


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