Why Should You Sign Up For The Crossfit Open?

My first day of CrossFit, and I realized two things: 1) not only should you sign up for the open, you should do it as soon as possible; and 2) you will suck. And I DID suck! But I convinced myself that if I didn’t work hard enough to get better, I would never improve. So every morning (6:00 am) after teaching my team at school (I just graduated from college – yay education!), we’d head out to our little gym – which was owned by a man named Ed – to try and go through the tough WODs and keep improving.

Every month or two during this time last year, we were featured in one of those “Views From the Top” videos on UP TV where people talk about their experience with CrossFit. You can check them out here: https://vimeo.com/uptv

After many months of working hard to increase our level of fitness, we had finally reached a comfortable place where we knew what was going through each movement in each WOD. We could do everything perfectly without having to pause too long between lifts or runs. We already knew how much weight we needed for each pull-up or handstand push-up because it had been a constant struggle throughout the summer workouts. Although some might find our experience familiar, others may not even know what those words mean! This is why there are different types of classes available

What Does A Personal Record Mean In Crossfit?

A personal record is a set of guidelines on what you should be able to do on a certain day after a given workout. You put together your daily workouts and then can compare them to the personal records. In CrossFit it’s helpful for people who are unsure as to what classes they should take as well as those who plan their days around specific events such as company sponsored outings. For those new to CrossFit this is an easy way to see how things work together prior to your first class or workout! Calories, Calories, Calories…and More Calories…How Many Of These Do I Need To Break My Personal Record? The best advice we have for anyone going into a workout with a new PR would be that if you’re going up in weight – using 25lbs – the following numbers will greatly help keep you from having an off-day: 5 lb range = 1lb per 5 reps of the exercise 10 lb range = 1/2lb per 2 reps of the exercise 20 lb range = 1lb per 2 reps of the exercise 30lb range =1lb per 3-4 reps of the exercise 40lber=1lb per 4-5 reps of the exercise 50 lbs range=1lbs per 5-6 reps or so when lifting weights (HITT) or when doing sprints (i typically use 5 😉 ) High School Weightlifting Suggestions for Group Classes in P


why should you sign up for the crossfit open?


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