Why Should My School Become A Crossfit Affiliate?

” the logical answer is that crossfit will lead to an increase in recruiting and competition on your campus. Even though it may seem like high school coaches aren’t competitive enough, you can easily see this idea go awry by using the results of a survey conducted at two different schools, one where crossfit was not introduced and another were crossfit actually became approved as a sport. The school with the most hype wanted to compete with other sanctioned programs but had trouble finding athletes who would commit to competing under them. They figured that because they hadn’t officially invited all of us yet, they could play around with our health with no repercussions since it wasn’t actually their program. However, about half of us participated in some form for the duration of high school even if we weren’t coaches or students at said school anymore so this ended up being damaging to all involved. A lot of people also felt guilty for participating for three months out of the year outside their senior year which caused several kids to drop out after realizing how little impact it had on their lives post-high school was over.

This leads me into my final point regarding what I feel are negative sides of crossfit that have been proven time and time again are both human nature issues as well as superstition issues. First off let me clarify my use of terms here: Human nature meaning everyone is fundamentally opposed to doing something just because you currently dislike someone else doing it (the converse isn

How Can I Reduce Belly Fat With Crossfit?

Well, you can get strong. Although anyone can get stronger, it’s a lot easier said than done using CrossFit. Although seeing gains in strength and endurance is absolutely possible, for most of us beginner CrossFitters the focus of the workout will be on developing a stronger foundation or base of fitness which equates to better cardio health and increased muscle mass with related strength gains. The easiest way to get leaner which means lose fat rapidly is to really focus on your diet and incorporate more activity into your day without really thinking about it too much. Your body needs an adequate amount of calories (calories in calories out) if it wants to stay fit. So here is how you can reduce Belly Fat With Crossfit: 1) Lose Fat 2) Gain Muscle 3) Become Stronger 4) Take It Slow

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why should my school become a crossfit affiliate?


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