Why Isnt Rich Froning In The 2016 Crossfit Games?

he is one of the best athletes on earth!

Rich Froning didn’t make the 2016 Games. He’s not rich. Rich would have made it to qualify before he got injured, though. He has always been an incredible athlete, so I promise you… there are some people that aren’t invited to these “special Olympic events.” You’d think 2015 was all about him being unable to complete his goals on top of recovering from a pretty serious operation just months prior, but he still manages — with help from some great friends and family members — go out and compete at Nationals in very hot conditions, no less! Just because he wasn’t able to make the qualifying event doesn’t mean anything really bad happened or that more things were made up.

How Much Money Does A Crossfit Gym Make?

I’m not a gym owner and I’ve never been a member of a Crossfit gym so maybe I shouldn’t comment on how much money they make. This is just my observation from watching the movies – it seems to be all about the shoes, that’s why Gucci is such an important designer for them (no offense Gucci). There are lots of other ways you can spend your money as well as those gyms making boatloads of cash; running 5K’s, fighting fires with box cutters, shoving each other in flooded basements and hanging out with total strangers. If you like this content and want more like it join us at http://www.SimpleMotivation.com

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why isnt rich froning in the 2016 crossfit games?


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