Why Is It Called A Swinging 75 Crossfit?

If you were at a wedding and there was a barn dance, or if you’re watching your grandkids play on the swing set, there wouldn’t be much else going on – it wouldn’t be a crossfit workout. A barbell back squat is similar – it doesn’t have to do much muscular work other than keep me from falling if I missed a lift or to reduce the likelihood that my lower back gets injured during heavy cleans. Even though the front squat does hit some muscle groups more than the back squat regularly taught in WODs (as well as pulling shoulders and elbows), those muscles aren’t as critical for moving as quickly as weight as lifters would like. The movement pattern itself lends itself to less stabilization, so it needn’t be hugely complex in order to provide significant oomph that regularly taught WODs just can’t emulate.

All that said: I hope we don’t move away from the CrossFit style of programming which has worked so effectively for us here at Gym Shredded. Not at all! We’re not nearly done with our quest for bigger muscles and leaner physiques yet; we still need excellent cardio, good nutrition and plenty of smart training techniques tailored specifically to us; things like Olympic movements (the snatch and clean & jerk) , jerks (for power) and maybe even weighted pulls/pull-ups(these two alone will help build massive upper body strength).

Will A Crossfit Gym Teach Me How To Deadlift??

Yes and it won’t hurt your knees! CrossFit is about growing, not tricking yourself into thinking you’re getting big. It takes time to get where you want to be, but there are ways to get there that don’t take years of doing tens of thousands of pounds. Do I Need To Use Proper Technique? This answer is a little bit subjective, but we can all agree on one thing: yes. There may not be any point in its existence if someone uses the same form and style known as ‘Murphy lifts’ or squats with their toes pointed and their body completely off the floor so they can get through 15 minutes slower, but that does exist. In my mind when it comes to CrossFit its never been about programming or what exercises performed in a class hits what parts of the muscle, its always been about learning proper form and technique from the beginning. Having said that though I will say that if you feel like anything here isn’t going anywhere then by all means go back to square one…hopefully though all things learned here will make for a better future in whatever training path you choose in the future!

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why is it called a swinging 75 crossfit?


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