Why Is Distasnce Running Omitted From Crossfit Games?

[quote name=’Jonathan] C’mon…you know this is a joke right????[/quote]

I’ve been pointing to this for a while now. Do you have any actual info on the motion, et al? If so, I’d love to finally see it in action, but I don’t really trust anything that comes from Crossfit without some kind of background – laymen’s speak just isn’t going to cut it with me.

[quote name=’Jonathan’]My biggest point about CFG is that they do not have a single exercise movement from birth until death….their hellish training methods are killing kids and putting injured athletes out of commission for years at a time.[/quote]

If what you say is true, then there are people suffering right now because CrossFit doesn’t have anything they can train every day – only after they get hurt or sick or whatever else happens to them can they go back until they’re able again to go through the WODs. This has happened several times throughout history. The most prominent example being Reebok support free running shoes for athletes who had suffered ligament injuries caused by overuse of their feet during repetitive motion. A few months later these same runners would regain full use of their legs and resume running competitively. There was no way these runners were prepared to run better than anyone else before getting hurt – yet within three months most found themselves back on track as if nothing

After Starting Crossfit How Long Before Your Heart Gets Stronger?

Almost everything in life has a time frame. For example, school starts back up in September and students begin to study for the final exams that will determine their grade point average (GPA). Football season is about to kick off and teams are practicing until game day arrives. That’s just the way it goes. Stop looking at crossfit like it’s an endless marathon that doesn’t end. It ends when you hit your goal or hit quits; either one works fine with CrossFit! Let me repeat that: stop pre-programming yourself into thinking there is no way out of this crossfit thing. There’s always a way out, but only if you work hard enough at making progress each day! Here are four big pieces of advice I would give anyone wanting to get started on the path to strength training:

Dealing With the Mayhem of Team Mayham

why is distasnce running omitted from crossfit games?


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