Why Is Distance Running Omitted From Crossfit Games?

Good question. Turns out, no one has figured out a good answer yet. It’s hard to do well in CrossFit without doing CrossFit workouts — running is pretty much an afterthought unless you live near a road (or even then, depending on the dust). Why not include distance running as part of each workout? This post provides an excellent summary of the reasons why it’s not happening, and I agree with the general sentiment that “CrossFit wants to be like other existing fitness programs and special cases like these (running) don’t improve its legitimacy.”

You also probably know by now that we all love sharing our progress, which means we love attaching photos and videos to posts! If you want others to see all your hard work — and maybe even motivate them to join you on your journey — this ultra-photo-intensive post is for you. Not only are there some nice subtle transitions from old school snapshot images to video shots of yourself, but some really great things were captured at different points along the way. Enjoy…

How Many Events In The Final Day Crossfit Game?

” 1. “Don’t mess with the Bulldog.” 2. Attempt to set new world records in every event that CrossFit Games ever has ever invented or will invent in whatever future year is most happening at the moment. 3. Aggressively challenge bicep curls until they are no longer possible to do correctly, then aggressively challenge triceps presses until they are no longer possible to do without special training devices, then agaisaquadsquatsquatahandsquatwithhandlebarrowslam… …until you can be one of four people who is not obligated by law to lower their pants due to the lack of aperture for any useful purpose, after this point this is all really important because you are now required both these events AND flexibility testing AND mobility assessment AND timed gassers AND weightlifting press sets and burpee with a minute rest between reps so this means you have cleared up enough time in which it does not matter if your ankle goes out from under you on the second rep instead of continuing through all five but with an hour already gone in each heat so plus if Leonidas were here he would yell FORGET SPARTA! with the spartan warrior deadlift with three minutes restet between sets HOW MANY MORE EVENTS ARE THERE?!? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! IVE DONE EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD SO WHY NOT THESE????????????

We’ll Make it.Together

why is distance running omitted from crossfit games?


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