Why Is Brian Mackenzie Not Doing Crossfit Endurance?

(1) Don’t do CrossFit Endurance. It’s not for everyone. It takes the wrong kind of work ethic to try and compete in an endurance sport like that (see what I did there?).

(2) Endurance sports are usually inferior for far more than just mental toughness; they tend to be boring, with boring exercises that offer few alternatives for improvement. WODs may seem fun at first, but pretty soon you don’t want to do any more of them!

(3) Most people who join a gym or buy a book on how to get strong or build muscle will struggle through an intermediate period with subpar results—then quit before they go too far down this road. If your workout routine is solid, most general fitness fans will never make it past the novice stage. I think our society needs some new myths about fitness training that tickle the fancy of more people than CrossFit/Crossfitters!

Where can I find more information about crossfit?

How To Program Crossfit For 5 Days A Week?

In the quest to build a killer physique, some lifters may feel as though they can’t ever train for more than five days a week. In the first part of this article we discuss why you should be training for longer periods on a weekly schedule regardless of whether you are new or an advanced lifter. This is especially true if you have had a particularly hard time building muscle going up to 500 grams of lifting per week. If that’s been your experience then here are some ideas that could help you get over that problem and start adding more sets into your program without taking too much time away from other aspects of your life.

James Hobart: The Veteran CrossFitter & Member of Team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

why is brian mackenzie not doing crossfit endurance?


CrossFit presented by RiseUp CrossFit has proven to be one of my most favorite activities I can do almost anywhere, anytime. Life is too short not to enjoy every second of our time on this earth; and there is absolutely no better way to make the best out of life than lifting heavy weight in a time trial for an hour or more! Also, the camaraderie that I have found with other veteran crossfitters really makes me feel welcome at any gym that believes strong veterans are an asset to any organization. I have already set up some lifetime memberships with local combat vets centers in order to have more opportunities for us old fogies who are just passing through these days while having fun doing something we still love so much. We want you all to understand, while we may be older vets or even disabled vets, it does not mean one thing about our ability levels when it comes to being able highly competitive at our sport—it’s pure determination and self-belief will get us where ever there is greatness waiting!