Why Is A Crossfit Gym Called A Box?

The name CrossFit training has always been secretive. Why?

Why is no one telling me what crossfit really is? I heard it’s great! You may know the CrossFit name because you’ve seen the Crossfit Games, or maybe you’ve watched some of our athletes compete in competition. But if you are new to the fitness scene, here are some things to know about what we do at Box Jeddah, COIMBATORE The word “crossfit” might not be familiar to your ears yet but guess what, there are already around 24+ Crossfit gyms established across the globe, all over!However if you go ahead look up on google/yahoo etc | “what is cross fit” | Watch youtube videos | Read blogs/forum posts etc…

How Many Times Has Rich Froning Won The Crossfit Games?

Related: Rich Froning – Four-Time Reality TV Star, Earning The Title Of “World’s Fittest Man.” So what does this have to do with the title of the fittest man on Earth? Well, Rich Froning is an athlete who has been competing for Crossfit for years and he’s won the Crossfit Games 14 times! In other words, Froning was fitter than any crossfitter at the time he entered a particular competition, which didn’t happen often since Rich had already achieved 15 national titles before entering a few games. He also should be regarded as the previous undisputed fittest man in history as well as that fact that many records still stand uncontested by him means his name will live on as one of those legendary people from sports history.

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why is a crossfit gym called a box?


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