Why Doesn’T Crossfit Have More Audience In Us?

crossfit has wide network of influencers which make a big difference.

CrossFitsters tend to talk about their workout routines and also what they ate compared with other standard gyms. So getting the word out on the internet is a good way to gain new clients. What they don’t do is create a shelf of “bestsellers” or readers best seller list despite appearing in Oprah’s magazine. In the end, most people come back for fresh content and variety rather than duplicate material from magazines or books. And that seems to be how it is with crossfitters as well. Someone that does not really understand this would state that its all about secrecy and closed group programs where nothing stays secret forever because eventually someone will talk… But this would not explain why so few people have heard of crossfit since 2005, even though billions have been spent on advertising by companies who seem willing to give up parts of their business model every year if only there is some good word-of-mouth going around as PR seems more important than actual sales figures now days.

How Do You Register Your Results For The Open For Crossfit?

We’re going to be using the Excel spreadsheet with a couple of minor tweaks. We’re going to use last 8 weeks as our baseline. Start a copy of the excel spreadsheet here: CrossFit Open for CrossFitters Results You can submit your scores, or you can post it on our Facebook page. Be sure to click “Save”: http://tinyurl.com/crossfitopen2014results Once you have posted it on FB, send us a message so we know where to look! Make sure you put “Open” in the subject line so we know what it’s about! What Is The Price? That is totally up to you – but if there isn’t going to be any money going out – then I’d suggest $0 – just go ahead and throw a smiley face next to that entry too 😉 Our goal is just give something back – this year is all about celebrating our 10th birthday! Is There Anything Else I Should Know? Most definitely, remember that having fun and making new friends is half of life 🙂 That said (and as always) keep an eye out for announcements coming from me (Chris) on facebook and crossfitothello@gmail.com . Also make sure that anyone who enters does indeed use their real name and faces online!!! If we catch someone using fake names or pics we will kick them out of the contest (without refund) and they won’t win anything!!! As always:


why doesn't crossfit have more audience in us?


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