Why Does Crossfit Workouts Make You More Athletic?

Basically it’s because you’re working with a muscle group every time through the workout. You have to strength those muscles harder, thereby developing more muscle mass and working on balance as well as endurance.

In CrossFit there are no days off – you work at a high intensity for entire rounds of a series of exercises. And if you miss a rep, or a movement pattern, or the repetition is incorrectly performed – you start over from the beginning again. Lots of times during these workouts it can be grueling – but really fun. Like most things though-it requires good communication and communication skills! If your partner keeps telling you they want to stop because they can’t lift their knee anymore- then they probably SHOULD STOP!! I think that may be why my husband yells at me when he knows I am getting tired early in any CrossFit workout:) “no legs? NO goal- we still GO FOR IT!!!” So funny and so true..lol!

How To Make A Crossfit Step Up Box?

The step up box is a brand new addition to the CrossFit scene. It has been taking the various gyms around the world by storm. If you have not heard of a Step Up Box yet, then be prepared for it to strike your life as soon as you read this article! In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that once you watch this video from Michelle Smith, owner of Beachbody Solutions at The Strength Athlete there will be no going back…and no going past exercises either! In this episode on setting up & using your own personal crossfit step up box, Laura shows us how to do it right with exactly what we need for building muscle and getting in great shape. Don’t miss out on all her amazing advice about using fitness equipment correctly and safely!!

COMPETING For Beds // Friday Workout // 09.24.21 – YouTube

why does crossfit workouts make you more athletic?


Competing in the CrossFit Games is one of the biggest goals most athletes have along their journey. But, for some people it’s not quite enough. Like Danielle Ackermann, who wanted to do more than just compete at the Games and also make a difference through philanthropy — which she finally did when she managed to win! Allison Johnson reports. Saucony Unveils Its First-Ever Trail Running Shoes // 08.11.21 – YouTube The Saucony brand has become synonymous with quality running gear, so it’s no surprise that its first foray into trail shoes received rave reviews from consumers nationwide. Colette Kressler reports on why this particular shoe set new standards for other brands to follow.