Why Does Crossfit Promote The American Kettlebell Swing?

The American Kettlebell Swing is a recognized and valued exercise in all American weightlifting programs. This exercise has been studied for over 30 years, demonstrating the functional benefits of performing them safely, correctly and with proper technique.

I’m not going to tell you that they are good for everything, but I will say that if done properly they work.

Why Does CrossFit Promote the Use of The American Kettlebell Swing?

Unfortunately this question didn’t get answered during Mike Burgener’s interview on Onnit Radio Program 651 – why does crossfit promote the american kettlebell swing? It seems to me that Coach Burgener chose to answer more questions on programming/logistics rather than discussing why he promotes these exercises. If his response were accurate then it would have been an effective way to break up talking about what I believe is his least favorite functional movement into two parts while also demonstrating his knowledge of training science conceptually while being fun, entertaining and educational at the same time… I guess all I am saying here is “woof! woof!”…..

What Your Goals Should Look Like At Crossfit?

Read the following sentences, try to answer all the questions in the 2 Minutes or Less described below. “If you are just starting Crossfit, then focus on building strength in your hands and fingers by doing pull ups with an overhand grip. Do 3 sets of 10 reps at a weight that allows you to do only one complete set with good form in 30-45 seconds (you should be able to get 6-10 ‘good’ reps before fatigue sets in). Once you can do this for 10 reps, increase your weight by 5 lbs every workout until you get 20 good reps. If you can get 15 positive; go up another 5 lb next time; if not repeat steps 1-4 until it is possible. Then once able to get 15+ negatives, go up by 5lbs again right away, repeat all 4 steps of progressions until it feels easy and natural…each workout will take around 8 minutes! You will then be ready to start training for larger muscle groups like shoulders/backs/triceps etc., depending on your goals/lifestyle/time commitments…” Exercise program creator Dr. Mike Lowery #Crossfit

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom Wins 5th Affiliate Cup

why does crossfit promote the american kettlebell swing?


2017 Posted on Sep 3, 2017 The annual Affiliate Cup for affiliate teams took place last weekend at the O2 arena in Prague. Mahn is among the eight teams who have earned the right to represent their region at the Affiliate Cup Finals later this year. Don’t miss out on more footage by subscribing to our newsletter! Subscribe Now CrossFit Mayhem Art of Ducking Art of Ducking Posted on Aug 14, 2017 There are two types of people in life – those that think duck-dancing is a thing and those that don’t. Either way, you’ve got nothing to fear because what goes around comes around – or something like that… For even less CrossFit movie magic check out our Facebook page!