Why Do They Use Rubber Weights For Crossfit?

crossfit is dangerous, and we should do everything we can to eliminate this dangerous practice. Crossfit has some pretty dangerous exercises— pullups; pullups; and more pullups,” he said . “How many vests do you think that each one of those kids needs? It’s not like I’m making a big deal out of this.”

CrossFit is a fitness program invented by former gymnast Greg Glassman in the early 1990s. Swinton was introduced to CrossFit when she started her trainer, Amy Dardashti, who runs CrossFit North West in Los Angeles. In 2006 she told Vogue that the workout regime – which involves high-intensity interval training – had transformed her life: “I’ve really thrived on it … It gets my heart racing, makes me feel alive!”

Swinton also posted a clip of her own strength feat on Instagram , along with a statement saying: ‘This is what happens when an 8 year old boy want [sic] to be your friend! Xx’ A spokesperson for Swinton denied the actor pushed any weight at anyone else during his dance session.

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why do they use rubber weights for crossfit?


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