Why Do They Call Seth Rollins Crossfit Jesus?

why did the nerd jesus call seth rollins crossfit gym jesus christ? because he was an asshole like that.

2. Seth’s workouts are all about strength, not cardio. Boring, right? That is why you get strong; to do things like lift heavy ass weights and run laps (or sprint for 30 minutes). He doesn’t care what your body looks like when he gets done with you or how long it takes you to recover—he just wants you stronger than the next guy who goes there. It also means people take fucking forever in his classes to warm up before they even begin some of his heaviest lifts—I think some people only started running at 10 years old just to compete with him haha! They love showing off their fake tats and intense “just got outta bed” faces at the beginning of some of his sessions too…so yeah, if you can drop $100 on a six-day pass kind of workout I would say go for it. If not fuck off already!!

3. Everyone cussing everyone out anyway…it is so funny! Seth has built this cult-like following over time by spitting fire on stages around the world and taking no shit from anybody ever! You will hear profanity everywhere (including my own here!) throughout this post but that doesn’t mean one person isn’t innocent…its just part of CrossFit culture haha! His

Why Is The Crossfit Open Increased To 20 Dollars?

CrossFit’s goal is to protect their athletes. The only way the sport can continue to offer these great opportunities for free, especially to those who may not be able to afford it otherwise, is if they are willing to pay a subscription fee. This is part of the reason why they introduced this new pricing model in April of 2014 at their annual affiliate conference. The CrossFit Games are now open 20 dollars until June 15th at midnight EST on the website that I just mentioned at crossfitgames.com/register/signup/ . If you want some help paying for your registration before tomorrow night on June 15th then I suggest signing up through my link on this page here on WEALTH360™! After you sign up using my link you will also receive $5 off your first month’s membership fees which already come with an amazing 50+ classes plus unlimited access so if there is ever something else that you need more of at CrossFit I suggest making sure you check out what they have got lined up for you right now so far.

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why do they call seth rollins crossfit jesus?


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