Why Do Some People In Crossfit Not Look Fit?

now i’m not saying that everybody in crossfit is fat, but that kind of contradicts the whole “fitness is what you do in your free time” thing. Most people with a job and kids can only get home and exercise every other day and most cant even consistently find time to do so. And yet most people at a crossfit gym will be dripping down their arms with sweat after 10 minutes of learning how to properly box lunge. It seems like they could make more consistent progress if they actually trained for it rather than just fucking around on deadlift day or torture racing some ehhwitter on the box squats bar(a typical workout)

the treadmill 8min mile walker isn’t just for hating post-workout, its actually pretty fun when training cardio because you start from scratch everyday. i feel more confident walking up a flight of stairs without stopping or breathing heavily while holding a heavy grocery sack compared to running 30 seconds one direction then 5 seconds back lol no wonder people have carpel tunnel by doing some kind of running once a week. A good cycle ergometer is so much more efficient than treading on the treadclimber/elliptical/resistance band combo, plus it lets me control resistance which makes getting into proper form easier nore less painful

i don’t think there are too many non-faggy types who go to lots of different gyms besides box anyways? which

Why Do I Feel Worse If I Rest Crossfit Discussion Board?

CrossFit workouts are notorious for getting your heart rate up. Everyone keeps saying that resting in between Crossfit WODs is important, though most people seem to take their rest period both literally, and figuratively. When the rest time is too long one may begin to experience fatigue during the workout including when they are resting. This can make it harder to complete their allotted reps due to lack of conditioning; hence they need more rest (which takes longer). Rest periods do not typically interfere with performance on most work outs or even affect people’s ability to recover from subsequent workouts. Commonly used intervals allow individuals at any fitness level the capability of completing a certain amount of work without risk of injury; even decades after having stopped Crossfiting (but still training elsewhere). Recovery/recovery times will be different for each individual depending on age, gender, size, personal fitness goals, and physiological makeup. Everyone should understand what working out at a higher intensity means regardless if their participation is five minutes a week or five hours a day. Proper recovery/recovery practices depend on several factors: number of total kilograms lifted per session; how many lifts within each lift series were completed successfully; intensity levels reached during those lifts as well as variability in those levels regardless if they were done as prescribed by trainers/program directors or self-regulated based upon perceived level needs identified from subjective feedback from each participant regardless if this was performed before or after actual workouts or daily life activities

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why do some people in crossfit not look fit?


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