Why Do Girls Look Better From Crossfit Than Guys?

I made a comment similar to this earlier and today I talked with a female friend of mine, she’s in the fitness community and is having some struggles. We looked at all our body parts and guys had more stuff than us! Do we just look better from crossfit because we’re obsessed about it? Shouldn’t that be reflected in our bodies? Is my shredder arms yet another sort of obsession?

My best friend has been training for a year but her boyfriend still hasn’t gotten over his jealousy. They’ve been together four years, he said if she lost ten pounds he’d date her. She was on board… naturally… naturally! She did lose ten pounds while training with me, plus another five or six while working on herself for him for six months, then losing another eleven back after they got back together. Intermittently they’ve gotten along great except when discussing gyms/fitness/weight loss – then she gets bent out of shape without knowing why – I think she thinks he may not be attracted to her otherwise. He says nothing happens during the day but every time I’m hanging at his place or going to their apartment, etc…. there you go again!

Oh man…I have an ex who gets very jealous being so close to girls who are slimmer than him…isn’t there any way to get past that??? What am I doing wrong!?

Which Crossfit Open Workout Started With Muscle Ups?

The Workout Program That Changed It All Proper Form For Doing Muscle Ups for the First Time By Eric Naiman, M.S. There are many people in CrossFit WODs who have never even attempted a muscle up. They are performing jumping pull ups, ring rows and strict bar hangs but yet still come away with their numbers in the 26-30 rep range. The folks that do muscle ups almost exclusively typically perform them with poor form or no form at all. As I discuss below there is a lot of misinformation in regards to proper form when doing muscle ups so it is important to really know how to do them properly if you are going to be able to get over 20 one rep reps on them before your back starts to hurt from all of that effort! Honestly, most people can’t get more than 10 into regular kipping pull ups (except some babies like guys like Thomas Schwab). With that said, these folks don’t excel at the movements because they cannot get good enough control over the movement and this kind of failure demotivates everyone i see trying these techniques! To make sure we only try things we KNOW we can reliably and consistently do well at we need recovery days where we recovery our muscles and nervous system from these intense work outs by emphasizing less intense training methods such as kip pullups instead of launching towards 20 rep attempts on each rep just because everyone else is doing it!! This article will discuss

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why do girls look better from crossfit than guys?


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