Why Did Reebok Stop Making Crossfit Lite Tr?

8:01 pm stidmama

the beast was a crossfit legend for reebok. i suppose they were scared of losing him to another label – it wasn’t all that long ago that the NFL stopped using cfl as an acronym for “contract with football life” dvds almost *every* year. now, they’ve been used every single season, and the NYG are even in 2006! much safer to keep him at reebok…but oops! 🙂

8:01 pm hurshy9935

Hi everyone. How are you? I’m okay but still working on this grid. I love it when grids go quickly like this!! LOL Soooo many words!!! Hope things are well in your lives!!!!

8:03 pm stidmama

hi hurshy! i am missing bunnyluvsie today — she gave me a great big hug earlier today 🙂 what’s happening with her fellow CPers out there? good to hear from you again. have fun tonight!! usa bathroom paper has finally followed me home so i can stock up on TP…yay!!! LOL!!!*snicker* thinking of you right now!! xoxoxoxo hugs to you too….what’s up with everybody else out there?? wonder if there is enough winnings left over after yesterday……wink wink nudge nudge…..bunnie will be disappointed if any people do

What Your Goals Should Look Like At Crossfit?

To be honest, your goals really should just be deciding to exercise. Since you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already decided that regular exercise is important for you. Great job! But if you need some extra help deciding what kind of Crossfit program would fit your needs the best, take a look at the three different types of programs below: The Intro Program | Buy-In Only | Minimum 3 Months Development This is for people who are looking for an easy entry into Crossfit. This type of program generally involves 1 or 2 crossfit workouts per week that involve conditioning and then skill work at the end. The workout itself will not be very difficult, but it could get pretty challenging if you don’t spend enough time warming up properly before any actual movement occurs in each workout. It can also feel too ‘easy’ if done incorrectly… so this program leaves room for mistakes while still being relatively simple to follow through on once understood. If following this 4 WOD closely doesn’t require too much time out of their day, 10 minutes per day might actually suffice after all! Of course there are other plans that have more frequent workouts that focus on strongman events or gymnastic ringwork… maybe even two days a week! For people just getting into Crossfit and don’t know which path they’ll end up taking in the long run; this is a great way to go at first until either they find their own


why did reebok stop making crossfit lite tr?


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