Why Crossfit People Are Thick With Quality Muscle Mass?

are you guys taking steroids ffs? why are all of you 6’5″ 225+lbs muscular muscular muscular muscular muscular muscular fucking muscles??? idk

Anonymous 09/11/18 (Mon) 11:34:26 AM No. 592045 >>592033

This sounds like a legitimate thing to be concerned about if it’s widespread and someone as high profile as jc is doing it This sounds like a legitimate thing to be concerned about if it’s widespread and someone as high profile as jc is doing it

Anonymous 09/11/18 (Mon) 02:01:46 PM No. 592101 File: 1539328603907.png (837.25 KB, 750×1334, IMG_7977.PNG) He looks like he got some work done on another part of his face too… not that I’d stick my finger up there but… lol, this is so clearly him trying to stay young by getting plastic surgery done on parts of his face so they don’t look old anymore 😂😂

wish our money was better spent elsewhere though… we could do something for the environment instead.. fucking dumpster kids haven’t worked out yet either hahaha!

jessica just keeps breaking down skin and getting her jaw and neck pulled tight hahahaha!! she’s obviously into these types of things lmao! or just really insecure about how big her neck

What Is Needed To Make Garage Crossfit Gym?

If you want to create a garage crossfit gym, there are several things that will be necessary. First, the location of where you plan to create your gym must be acceptable. You can’t place it anywhere unless you have the permission from the landlord or property owner because one thing is clear; if they don’t allow it then it just won t happen! It t need to be big but it has t be small either. You can even create an apartment for this purpose within your residence if that is what you really desire. Once this is done now about assembling all of the essential parts of a garage crossfit gym machine? Well, first begin by making sure that the area where you want to put garage cross fit all these equipment so as not to get yourself in trouble with your landlord s say no and start over again which may cost a small fortune! But before we get started about creating our own broken leg fitness gear let s take a look at some tools used in any type of home improvement projects: The most important tool during every project is obviously the rubber mallet . This special hammer will help us hit each bolt straight on without damaging our hands and fingers too much due to its great size adjustable handle . The other tools include wrenches , screwdriver , tape measure , hammers ,


why crossfit people are thick with quality muscle mass?


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