Why Are There So Many Small People In Crossfit?

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This is not an rant about skinny people. It’s just a rant about what I think needs to change within CrossFit. When it comes down to it, CrossFit isn’t really for everyone (thank heavens). You might like the athleticism but you probably aren’t into the typical exercises that are typical in most gyms everywhere. For example, pull-ups/chin ups; dead lifts; push press; goblet squat; muscle up; caveman cave woman (hehehe), etc…etc… Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? That was one work out! Who has the time or energy for all these things? Even if you do have them, why would you follow a program dedicated to building physical strength and athletic prowess when there are so many other great programs out there anyway?! There are plenty of workouts which are pure cardio & conditioning i.e., running crossfit, HIIT interval training etc…. ! This blog will focus more on those because they are already well known and popular among calorie counters as well as people who actually enjoy being fit rather than show off their muscles during competition season. But first let me give you some background information about myself 🙂

I belong to Korea because my dad is from there! As kids we weren’t allowed which other sports but thanks God Sports came along

What Should I Eat Before A Early Morning Crossfit Workout?

The early morning workout is going to use an intense energy system, in which your body will be trying to refuel itself in preparation for what’s ahead in the day. This type of workout would mean that you are not capable of eating fully before the workout without feeling tired or even nauseous. A carbohydrate-based pre-workout meal before working out works well when using this level of intensity. Spicy food can also enhance performance, so include foods like eggs and coffee, for example, when preparing dinner the night prior to the early morning crossfit workout. This gives your metabolism a boost when preparing yourself for work in the middle of night gym session!

How to track GPU performance data on Windows 10

why are there so many small people in crossfit?


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