Why Are There No Black People On The Top Of Crossfit?

—by Sam Gregory

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association cites an example of a black woman at the South University campus who was not allowed to compete in the NCAA Women’s Division II Cross-country Championship because she would have placed too high for her race. She does not discuss why there were no other black women on this team or whether they also failed to qualify.

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Fischer goes on to say, “I think we should be able to tell somebody ‘no.’” He has explained that White people only need America and only Whites should be admitted into America: “If you don’t like that, go somewhere else and join your own kind!” According to Fischer, those unwilling to assimilate with those sharing their skin color are by definition racist and should therefore do something about it. If you want America, don’t like what America is becoming? Go back where you came from! (He doesn’t address any other countries returning unwanted immigrants.) Since we don’t need more diversity; we must convert everyone white first before we can assimilate them all. It seems as though he is suggesting that if anyone wants want any hope of assimilating into American culture and enjoying the same opportunities as other Americans enjoy then they first must become white first. Considering his statement above I think it is safe to assume Fischer means for this process or transformation to happen by force if

Who Made It To The Crossfit Games 2018?

We are really close to the Crossfit Games 2018, so most of you are thinking which athletes are going to be part of this year’s competition. The best answer is that it hasn’t been determined yet! The CWG 2018 will take place at the “Home Depot Center”, on March 3-8th. There were no officials announcement on which teams will compete for the first time in history, but you can count on the following 32 teams: Australia (2) Brazil (2) Canada (3) China (4) Colombia (1) France (1) Germany (1) Great Britain (7) Hong Kong SAR China (528kg & 752kg men weight divisions only)* India (2 **Infant/Baby RX up to 16 years old** ) Italy Mexico New Zealand Poland Portugal Russia Singapore South Africa Sweden Switzerland Thailand UK USA Venezuela How To Watch The Games? The competition event of CFPC events will run from Saturday, March 3rd at 8AM PST to Sunday March 4th at 10PM PST. You still have 13 days more to watch these amazing athletes who made it through each and every regional qualification! A lot of news and coverage about “CrossFit Games Los Angeles 2029″ is schedule right after the 2019 Reebok Grand Prix qualifiers. Don’t miss out any of this exciting news!

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why are there no black people on the top of crossfit?


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