Why Are My Crossfit Workouts Not Showing In My Training Log On Strava?

– Crossfit workouts not syncing with strava

How do i get my strava workouts to show up on google fit? – Strava sync works but does not show in fit. If i click

Why won’t my strava app add workout crosstraining to my daily active calories calculation? – My strava app wont add the workouts from the cross trainer to my daily active calorie calculator anymore. Its a pain in the neck when i dont have a ride after work so i do extracurricular activities which shed kgs and if im under maintenance thats a big deal for me to lose it all back again, so roughly 1/3 of what ive lost for this year wasnt because of lack of exercising, most of it is related to food choices during hrs without constant access like working out etc

Why is strava showing days where i did nothing but hangout at home how can you fix this? – Strava shows me an error most of the time or takes forever to load even though its fast right now why is that

How Much Does A Crossfit Level 4 Trainer Make?

The exact amount of compensation paid to a Crossfit Level 4 Trainer is unknown. However, the general standard that you will be faced with in your search for work would be $65-$85 per hour (depending on what area you are in). This salary varies drastically between states and cities (and even within them depending on what region you live). The reason for this high-variation is because it depends on where the trainers choose to set up their business. If they do not possess any sort of liability insurance or government license, they can make less money than if they were located in a more populated location (like New York City where premium pay rates exist).


why are my crossfit workouts not showing in my training log on strava?


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