Why Are Most People That Do Crossfit Chubby?

lizbeth I hear people say how their kids are not seeing results.

There is nothing wrong with working out, whether you are in good shape, overweight, or skinny. It takes time to gain muscle when you start out – but if by the end of the year none of your friends have lost 10 lbs, you aren’t doing it correctly!

How many people in crossfit classes look like they’re still beginners?

If there were less fatties in affiliate programs who said that their kids would be able to do more pullups after a year.. then sure.. but at least everyone would know what excercises someone should be doing to build up strength and really get into shape.

Why Do You Want To Open A Crossfit Gym?

In the world of building a gym, one of the most common reasons people enter into CrossFit is for competition. Training without results or goals can be boring and frustrating (if not outright depressing). What better way to challenge oneself than against another person, competing either in time trial or as a team? Of course, if your goal is simply health and fitness – no workout battles – then there’s nothing wrong with that at all; we encourage you to stay open (and if you do want an open door policy, then by all means ask us why!). But if like many people who become coaches, you’re looking for something more out of training – something more than just “weekend warrior” health – then prepare yourself: you might end up finding it here.

why are most people that do crossfit chubby?


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