Why Are Icelandic Woman So Good At Crossfit?

there’s like 4 and they all look like this:

crossfitters: one of my best friends who works at a gym. he makes me want to try the whole “push-ups on my toes” thing. i wish we had something like that in the philippines (because it probably builds character). crossfitters: another friend, she’s got her own blog now and will talk about recipes sometimes. you can tell how much she loves cooking because she always has tons of food stored up. crossfitters: i met an emmy last year for work at someone’s house and guess who was staying there?! bingo! it turns out that Emmy has always been into fitness and runs marathons too!

Who Were The Podium Finishers In 2018 Crossfit Games?

The 2018 Crossfit Games was an epic event that both opened and shut the books on how best to put yourself through hell and come out on top. For those who were there, we wanted to thank you for your bravery and dedication over 16 grueling weeks. We also had a few folks asking about what it’s like after winning the 10th annual CrossFit Games, so this is us answering that one too! First up are the men. The podium finishers in attendance at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games included: 1st Place Mat Fraser (@MatFraser) 2nd Place – Rich Froning III (@ElectionRich) -3rd Place- Freddy Guttenberg (@FreddyGuttenberg) -4th place- Brent Fikowski (@bfikowskiJB) -5th place- Victor Davila Iii (@vickedavila ) -6th place- Mike Foote @cmfoote7371915 -7th place- Lucas Parker (@lucasparker2628) -8th place- Tyler Reilly (@_TylerReilly) -9th Place Alejandro Ximénez Pareja Matamoros (ShakyhandsMXD), Javier Garza Sanchez (takosista), Rob Koziejczak(@robkoziejczak). Correia recupera ou devasta!Heres everything you need know about “


why are icelandic woman so good at crossfit?


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