Why Are Certain Crossfit Wods Named After Women?

i swear to god i dont understand this. what does it accomplish?

ok so my new wods for this week are…..

Thrust Away by Francine Parker is CrossFit WODs named in honor of notable women in the history of fitness. These workouts feature Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, and sprints with the intention of challenging all levels of female lifters. Because athletes are testosterone fueled when they perform these movements, each workout should be taken very seriously–especially with respect to proper form! This workout consists of five rounds for time:

• 5 Thrusters (95/65lb) per arm x 16 reps each side followed by a minute rest between sets. Weights used depend upon fitness level but can range from 45lbs/hand to 75lbs/hand or even heavier if possible depending on performance! Set one ~ 10 push-ups followed by 30 hip thrusts; set two ~ 20 pull-ups followed by 40 squats; set three ~ 50 box jumps(24/20″) with 25lb kettlebell then 50 thrusters (45/35 lb); set four ~ 75 double unders following 30 thrusters (55 lbs); set five = clean & jerk 6~45lb dumbell 6~ 6 reps per leg 6~ 6 reps per arm followed by 1 minute rest between sets. Switch arms between rounds.

Warm-up before starting round 3 includes 15 swings for speed and distance out in front of mat

Who Has Won The Crossfit Games The Most?

It’s incredible how many people have won the CrossFit Games. Think about all the athletes who compete in every single Level for years on end and you will see how many incredible names are there. It’s hard to keep track, so I’m going to help you out! Here are some of the biggest winners in history with some stats about their times. Rich Froning – Rich has now won 2 consecutive titles. Will he go for 3 this year? He came close with his win last year but found himself having to repeat his 2013 time just two years later after removing one minute from his official 250K open workout time due to a malfunctioning GPS system that caused faulty tracking during workouts at different locations throughout the year. This small blip got him disqualified from the 2014 CrossFit Games, pushing him down one spot to #5 with a bullet… However, at 35 years old he still has 4 more chances left before he can officially claim 3-in-a-row! That is encouraging news for women who are hoping Rich doesn’t make it back for another title run or give us another short reign of terror! Sophia Shao – The Australian champ dominated with her amazing 2015 performance, taking home 2nd place overall which included an absolutely wicked performance on day 5 of competition where she set a 7:34 WOD with 275 thrusters, 85 pull ups then 95 thrusters for time—an unheard of combo which

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BEST CROSSFIT WATCH 2019. You Should Know Before Using It

why are certain crossfit wods named after women?


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