Why Are All The Crossfit Benchmark Wods Named After Females?

I mean come on. I don’t see how it’s a good idea to name all the workouts based off women names as if it’s some sort of fear that young men are reading this book and being inspired to start their own female hating fitness network. Like seriously, get the hell over yourselves.

It is important to recognize that each body has individual needs. Hence, tailor your workout regimen according to your own fitness goals. If you are looking for utmost endurance, focus yourself on high-intensity exercises or HIIT sessions (High Intensity Interval Training). If you have an aim to pack on slabs of muscle mass, full-body workouts are what you need in order to build huge muscles. And last but not the least, if you are an advanced weight trainer there is a chance that you may require something 8-weeks into your workout routine which could help burn stubborn body fat fast.

Why 90% Of Crossfit Gyms Are Slowly Going Bankrupt?

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15 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do At Home

why are all the crossfit benchmark wods named after females?


Here are some CrossFit workouts you should be able to complete in a small space. If you’re a beginner, however, do not attempt any of these until your form is solid and you can perform them without injuring yourself! 1. Drop Squat Dip: Get into the bottom position for a drop squat then lower yourself into a dip. 2. Leg Swings: Start with knees locked out, swinging your legs from one side to the other as fast as possible. Switch sides and repeat for 1 minute total before switching legs again. You have about 35 seconds to get 10 reps on each leg so take it easy at first and progress from there!