Why Are All Gyms Crossfit With Classes??

” “why don’t people do fun stuff to their own benefit?”

Because they are afraid that doing anything to improve themselves will ruin the status quo, and their friends will get big muscles, get rich quick, get more followers on social media. Because they are not interested in adapting to the modern environment of society at all costs. Because half of them would crumble under pressure if someone pointed out that they were bad at CrossFit or any other form of physical activity. So why even begin? Why even challenge yourself? If you do it wrong you can always stop doing it again, but if you stop you lose your social currency.

German Vegan Vaping Atheist Engeneer Who Does Crossfit?

What’s the point of vaping if you’re an atheist who does Crossfit? Chad from The Coolist, a website dedicated to helping people quit smoking with the help of their vape community, decided that maybe it wasn’t his job as a full-time engineer and part-time Crossfit junkie to convince everybody out there that vaping is the way forward. He went on a 60 Day challenge and stopped doing everything he thought he knew about vapes in an effort to truly embrace his vapelife. It’s crazy how many ejuice flavors have nicotine in them at this point, isn’t it? I think its safe to say Chad did not last long. Do you want to know why? Get onto his Instagram page and see for yourself!

Why The CrossFit Games Went To Madison, Wisconsin

why are all gyms crossfit with classes??


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