Why Am I Not Losing Weight While Doing Crossfit?

I’ve been doing crossfit for about 2 months now. I started at around 175 lbs and now I’m at 165 lbs. This isn’t much of a loss, but exercising daily has made me hungry all the time. It seems like my metabolism is running on overdrive since I don’t even realize how much food is sitting in my stomach sometimes.

Also, how can I choose which workouts to do? If i want to be good enough that it matters then why are there so many “random” exercises? What if i werent doing them because i hate them? Would this make me any better than someone who likes them more, or less well

How To Get A Record Of Hours Worked For Crossfit?

Is it possible to get a copy of my Crossfit membership? I’m confused I’ve completed the member service agreement,I signed on the dotted line and they never sent me anything like a invoice or letter stating that I am now a member or giving me any info about how long i would be charged for if i left within 7 days of joining. It says all personal information is kept private but they do keep track of my hours worked….and i can’t find out what companies are saying about them..lol! Can anyone tell me where my contract is at?? Any help please?

What Our Gym Offers

why am i not losing weight while doing crossfit?


Conveniently located in Scarborough, just northeast of downtown Toronto, our health club offers an ideal community fitness experience for all ages. With over 200 classes per week at cost-effective rates, you are always guaranteed great workouts no matter what your fitness level or goals are. At The Centre for Fitness & Wellness in Scarborough, you’ll find a total body-sculpting workout inspired by old-school mixed martial arts training techniques. This unique class incorporates the latest fitness equipment and is perfect for any fitness beginner looking to achieve high impact resistance and stability while building muscle and firming up their core. By working with instructors on site to improve posture and balance during these exercises, we encourage each member to work towards more efficient movements of the whole body — including core stabilization — which leads to immediate results!