Who Won The Crossfit Snatch Event In 2017?

wait… is that Caster? what? ikr? ikr! it is.

Caster Semenya has claimed the title in her weight class at the world track and field championships by winning the women’s 800m T54 race. After finishing with a time of 2:29.14, she won bronze behind Briton Joanna Atkins who clocked 2:28.92 and compatriot Marjah Kankona who took silver in 2:30.52 to finish just 6-hundredths of a second ahead of American Heather Kampf (2:30.59) for third place.

“It was hard, I still think I could have run faster, but it feels good to be here, running on this amazing course here,” Semenya said after crossing the line while raising her arms in celebration along side the other competitors whose times included New Zealander Melodie Webbeck who ran a personal best 1:57.39 while Russian Anna Burmistrova improved on her own national record earlier in 2017 running an impressive 1:58.25 for eighth place

In other events at the event Wednesday there were other medals for athletes from South Africa as well as Europe and Asia including one from other African nations such as Tanzania which won two gold medals from Usayo Kelebei (3k freestyle – 16 minutes, 11 seconds), Augustine Kagere (10km walk – 54 minutes),

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who won the crossfit snatch event in 2017?


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