Who Will Be At The Rogue Crossfit Invitational?

On May 2nd the Rogue CrossFit Invitational will take place at the Revolution Athletic Club in Santa Ana, CA. This seven day event will begin on Friday, May 3rd and conclude on Sunday, May 6th. With an estimated attendance of 965 athletes from around the globe this is one of such few such events you can attend as a serious competitor or spectator without laying out your hard earned cash to gain entrance!

The main event is 55k worth of WODs…yes 55k! There are also numerous AMRAPs and side events over both days before and after competition week. The location has two Olympic sized pools and plenty of room to run track, do Yoga/Pilates or just hang out between certain sessions with friends. You can buy food at their cafe or bring your own if you like (they have a decent selection) but be prepared for outrageous prices (at least as compared to other venues such as the UC Irvine Queens Campus). There is even parking which is pretty rare these days! Also included is airfare for those flying in from all over the world! Approximately 150 competitors will be flown in by Global Aerials! No more rejection letters here:

How To Wake Up Easier In The Morning Crossfit?

by George Ridenour You’ve probably experienced the difficulty of getting out of bed in the morning. You know what I mean, right? There is yelling and screaming, banging fists on the wall (or head), waiting for nature to take its course — just so you can get up and go do something productive. It’s all well and good to use that “bang your head against the wall” technique when there is no one else around to hear you. However, if someone happens to walk by while it’s really happening, don’t blame me! I’m not responsible for your lack of coordination or inability to actually shake yourself awake! And honestly, everyone who comes home after you could be interested in hearing about this very topic at some point or another. Isn’t it more productive than bashing your skull against a wall? So today’s tip will help, but it won’t magically cure your already-existing condition. The goal here is not only daily functioning – but also improving ones’ lifestyle without having too much impact on others around you – which means early mornings are important because they allow an opportunity for others in our lives to better themselves without becoming distracted by noise or disruption. Here are 8 Ways To Wake Up Easier In The Morning CrossFit:

Top 30 Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

who will be at the rogue crossfit invitational?


Reviewed The Nike Vapor Fly 4 is a cross-training shoes, which is the reason I’m reviewing this one in particular. I run, hike, and bike in it so much so that I have been able to wear out both the soles and heels of them. Despite all this wear, they still look great and fit perfectly after multiple washes in cold water with antibacterial soap. My only complaint about these shoes is that they are a little heavy for my tastes–but then again compared to alot of other running/cross-training shoes I have tried….these justru look nice! The only thing you will notice when you first pull them on due to their design being unorthodox is how tight it can be putting them on your feet initially–like wearing boots for the first time but once they fit right you will forget all about that haha. Overall I would highly recommend these as a quality shoe for any non-beginner Crossfit enthusiast looking for a good clean pair of neutral cross training kicks at a decent price. Click here for more information or to order yours today!