Who Owns Circle City Crossfit In Dothan Alabama?

have tried every other gym in town and circle city crossfit has been the, by far, best. I have a personal trainer by the name of jesse chicoine who is a pretty cool guy and who cares about his clients. Prices are reasonable for this area. This is NOT just one man’s business to run into your workout! In fact, when you come in for a workout, there are usually at least 3-4 people in the class that also have their own classes going on at the same time you do — which means we get to be acquainted with each other while we work out!!! Also another cool thing is how he makes us accountable to our goals and actually push ourselves instead of training like we’re on vacation (which goes by fast). You can really feel motivated and driven and know that if you hop off track you will get switched out to someone else; where your progress will stop until they get up there next! The owner knows EVERYONE that comes into his place, too…kinda like doing workouts with friends…he also takes very good care of his employees (who include me) not taking advantage — lol — but treating all our schedules equally…and it’s so nice to know things won’t be rescheduled for us while we take time off or go home sick!! Also has many different classes offered ranging from beginner basics through advanced meets *AND* he offers kids classes ages 1-17!! Which I think fits

Where To Order Reebox Crossfit Lite Tr Men?

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who owns circle city crossfit in dothan alabama?


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