Who Is The Short Navy Seal Who Competes In Crossfit?

Ask yourself this: “Do you want to be a parent who has the right stuff, or a parent whose stuff is all wrong?” — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

We come from different backgrounds and experiences with life and we each bring our own unique set of strengths, weaknesses and baggage with us as we grow up. For some people it is easier to see what they need to change than for others. The majority prefer to do the parenting thing without too much discomfort; but I realize that not everyone is like that. You might feel like you tried your best, tried speaking nicely and behaved in ways that would make most people comfortable – but then they still scream at you about everything – don’t give up – try again – there is always more we can do – we are making progress – we aren’t doing enough (or maybe even enough). We can talk about these issues freely on private internet groups and forums where the secrecy of certain groups makes conversation difficult or impossible because other parents already know ‘all’. No matter how many times I say this myself, I know it won’t cut it for them because deep down they know they are doing something wrong. Nothing will convince them otherwise because their inner critic really wants us all to feel isolated so they can continue being awful parents who have no respect for anyone else other than themselves. And here I am sitting behind my computer arguing over our differences while still begging you not to

Who Is The Crossfit Open Demo Girl 2017?

If you don’t know who the demo girl is, you should. This coveted title has been handed out to some of the world’s most famous athletes who have achieved nothing short of remarkable things. The Crossfit Open Demo Girl 2017 will be competing in this year’s 2017 Crossfit Regionals over at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. If she has what it takes, she could make history with her win and become a deserving winner of this greatest prize America offers when it comes to strength sports. Who Is She? Kristin Fray Kristin Fray is a 26 year old from San Diego that trains in the military-style crossfit program at Miramar CrossFit. Coming into this event in third in her weight class is quite impressive for a female competitor let alone a person that started female competitively less than two years ago after joining neighboring club OC Elite Athletics in San Diego . In 2015 alone Fray racked up 25 podium finishes until finally breaking through last year and qualifying for Regionals though only bringing home one medal after finishing fourth place overall on Day 1 against many more decorated women including Olympic gold medalist Katrin Davidsdottir from Iceland among others. Lastly without having any training or preparation going into regionals last year Kristin sais “I”m just going there to compete and come back a lot stronger then I was before.” which shows her support for being one of 150


who is the short navy seal who competes in crossfit?


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