Who Is On The Mayhem Freedom Crossfit Team?


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Subject: Re: random stuff Fri Feb 21, 2011 7:39 pm Subject: Re: random stuffFri Feb 21, 2011 7:39 pm I wish that hellraisers team was still up and running. Two of my friends are on it! It was awesome… idk if this has already been suggested but it would be cool if someone could start a crossfit team so everyone can go out together and do challenging workouts. That’d also encourage people to workout more often. Maybe at first we should just establish rules for the gym so people don’t hurt themselves by trying new things? Like body weight only or holding just one hand has weight on them until the 3 minutes is over (or whatever time limit you set). Start off small, put up signs that say what colors mean what activities etc…. then once these rules are enforced you can expand your fitness program. At first it shouldn’t be overwhelming but after awhile you’ll see results.. i’m pretty sure alot of us have seen some drastic changes in our fitness level since not too long ago. So yeah… yeah maybe there’s already something like this going on… i think my fellow heckraiser teammates might have taken down their blog?! But if there isn’t then maybe its something worth considering! Plus i love where that

What Does Rounds For Time Mean In Crossfit?

In a standard Crossfit workout you’ll do as many rounds of a given exercise as you can within a certain time frame. So for example, on the clean and jerk, one of your first movements of the day will be three rounds with an alternating pattern between 60 seconds rest and 60 seconds active. Your goal is to complete as many rounds as possible in 60 minutes. This is an indicator of how tough you’re working out today, because it measures the ratio of rest time to work time. The more efficient you are at using that amount of time (rest), or completing your exercises (work) the better your score will be when submission comes around at the end.

who is on the mayhem freedom crossfit team?


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