Who Is Left In The Crossfit Games 2019?

The Crossfit Games are set to take place in Carson, California USA on 12th-16th May 2019. The competition that attracts the world’s best athletes will kick-off next week. The event that started with only 50 bearded men in 1995 has now become a global phenomenon.

Every year onea of the mosta qualified athlete is selected to be part of it. With huge TV contracts involved and millions paid to athletes, the Crossfit Games have become an organisation which want great results at all times. What’s more important is who will get picked? Who is left in the crossfit games 2019? For this reason we’ve decided to check out all athlete qualification criteria ahead of next weeks’ meet – what does it look like nowadays? And how many participants are no longer able to compete for their country? This can give us some interesting insights into who might win one of these prestigious titles again after years and years of winning streak! We certainly think that we should know them better at this stage! So lets take a look:

How Much Weight Can You Lose In One Week Of Crossfit?

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CrossFit WOD, October 15, 2021

who is left in the crossfit games 2019?


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