Who Is Competing In The 2016 Crossfit Games?

Or perhaps that is an unfair question, if not then who are the top 10 cross fit athletes competing in 2016? These are questions I had myself. So with some digging around the web I came up with this list of ten people who might make your list of 10 CrossFit Games athletes to watch during 2016!

10. Mary Wooten – 72nd Fittest woman on earth winner 2015, 2nd best lifter in 2015 across all divisions after Annie Sakruddin!

Mary’s sports background isn’t very conventional compared to most professional fitness athlete’s but her undying passion for fitness allows her to achieve great things despite being busy raising a family. Since joining CrossFit Overload she has brought home numerous medals and trophies along with breaking the field record multiple times on Pull ups! She will be looking to defend against many formidable opponents including Britney Newton(the defending champion) although both ladies have made it clear they intend to leave no stone unturned throughout competition so expect some epic battles between these two fierce competitors!!! Mary Wooten is always fun to watch at the games because even though she can bang out rounds of 95lbs well above her body weight she still manages to compete as hard as any one else and never looks too over whelmed by weight lifting like other veteran fitness athletes often do. Only injury could stop Mary from carrying on and building off what was a great year for her at The Crossfit Games in 2015, which would mean that we literally couldn’t

How Often Should I Do Crossfit To See Results?

Crossfit is a workout program that changes from week to week, meaning that each member of the CrossFit gym has an opportunity to be part of a different class or workout. Members are not held accountable for the rest periods as long as they finish within a specified time frame. Injuries can occur as a result of this style of instruction as well as changes in workouts and components over time. When determining if you should continue with CrossFit you need to make sure that you have lined up with a trainer or coach who stays current with the latest movements and exercises and knows how to safely progress your fitness level.

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who is competing in the 2016 crossfit games?


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