Who Is Competeing In The 2016 Crossfit Games?


http://webdietsports.com/team-usa2a For the last few years, Team USA has been relying heavily on top CrossFit athletes from Team Notorious at this point in time, but an impressive young team has been stepping up to defend their title for Inaugural Games 2016 with Bbravos42 at Center and Bronco Spikes roaming the sidelines with a fresh set of jorts and a longboard tucked neatly by his side. Brennan McCormick, at age 28 still a relative newcomer to the sport is making a real impact in men’s competition with amazing finishes already in several competitions including back-to-back 8th place finishes in Regionals & Championships 2015 when he stepped out of bounds just feet from being first overall finisher by over 50 points! We’ve only seen the beginning of what’s to come for this up and coming star, but let’s hope they’re able to continue this current trend into Inaugural Games 2016 where it will be interesting to see who can best harness this incredible talent up against all these experienced stars!

How Many People Signed Up For The Crossfit Open?

With such a huge number of Crossfit Games athletes, some had to pull out. A handful of elites like Mat Fraser and Noah Ohlsen left or were forced to leave the competition due to minor injuries, while others pulled out for non-physical reasons. So who did make it through? Here are the Top 10 finishers in the Open: #10 CROSSFIT PHILOSOPHY FOR LIFE RUNNER–UP KATIE HIGGINS (pictured) After cleaning up at the CrossFit Games she ran into an unexpected post-Games controversy surrounding her husband. She recently opened up about how her husband was accused of inappropriate behavior with other women that he’d met online during their time in Las Vegas. Things got ugly when someone took “selfies” alongside Brett Higgins after he finished his final event, but he denied ever sending them without Katie’s knowledge. After giving his side of the story on Facebook Live…she decided not to talk about it anymore or dignify cyberbullying by allowing anyone else involved to speak publicly about it any longer than she did herself. She also noted that things started getting really intense in Vegas, because people would openly say things about him when she wasn’t around. You can read more here in this interview she did with Competitor magazine earlier in December…stay tuned for future updates! #9 ACE YOGA POST-GAME RONNY MCCARTHY


who is competeing in the 2016 crossfit games?


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