Who Didnt Make The Cut For Crossfit Regionals 2017?

Well we got you covered, and we hope theres one or two of you that will make it to Regionals in 2018! We’ll be hosting an open gym every week (Wednesdays) from 5:30-7pm at our Athletic Performance Center location. Join us there for a workout like never before! More details coming soon!!!

TUESDAYS AT TAP AT 8-9PM : The Tap at 8-9pm is a fun and free crossfit class hosted by our very own Maddy. If you’re interested in experiencing all of the hard work and dedication that goes into preparing for Regionals then this might just be the class for you! You can find out more information about this class here: http://www.nu crossfit.com/create/class/271/TAPShannonMariano

Athletic Performance Center Culture: Nu CrossFit is a place where athletes will get their hands dirty to create something bigger than themselves! We strive to not only push each other but improve each others lives through community involvement. Every month we pick an organization to help support so come on down with us on Wednesday if your interested in being part of the team!! www.u ccrossfit .com

What Is The Crossfit 12 Days Of Christmas?

“Crossfit is a strength & conditioning program very popular in the United States, Canada, South Africa and parts of Europe. Crossfit workouts are designed to develop lean muscle mass, improve overall fitness and stamina, agility and flexibility. These short but intense workouts are performed with high intensity bursts of effort followed by short periods of rest or active recovery. Classes are typically on-demand so you can attend at any time day or night, no waiting on line for equipment! The 12 Days Of Christmas A 12 Day Smarter Nutrition Challenge… Whether you want to eat healthy or not this year there’s something that’s guaranteed to help you do that everyday starting December 18th!!! It’s very simple really…. Each day I will share my monthly favorite Holiday food recipe along with my top 3 tips for making this holiday season even healthier. If you want more info or want to win one of 2 prizes make sure you join the group! Please don’t forget if your interested in joining #TheHolidayChallenge register here… https://goo.gl/AKgqVn ” – Maxwell Sotakiewicz

Best Shoes for Crossfit

who didnt make the cut for crossfit regionals 2017?


While shopping for the best crossfit shoes you will find many options like Nike, Adidas and Reebok which is why it’s important to take your time to look at each one individually. The best ones according to those who have tried them out include: Adidas Adipower 2 Crossfit Shoes – These shoes feature all of the great things that we like like they are extremely light and durable as well as ultra-cushioning and they provide excellent grip on any surface that they come into contact with. Furthermore, these shoes weigh in at less than eight ounces per shoe meaning that you are investing just a little more money into something that provides more bang for your buck. Ideal if you are looking to save weight or keep pace. See here! Nike KM 1 Elite CrossFit Shoe – If saving weight isn’t your thing then this might be considered by some because even though these do have high toe box, they still provide excellent traction so no matter what type of workout you decide to perform on flat ground or full of obstacles, this shoe will work flawlessly. They also have a design made specifically for activities where either burpees or squats are performed therefore making them an ideal choice if you are into superior fitness training exercises . See here! Reebok Lifter Nano 3 Coming Soon – If heel lift is unnecessary then these sneakers designed by Reebok can vouch for reliable performance during workouts because