Who Are The Past Winners Of The Crossfit Games?

In 2008, Rich Froning won the crossfit games. In 2010, Matt Chan won the crossfit games. In 2011, Rich Froning and Zach Anner both won the crossfit games. In 2012, Rich Froning and Sam Dancer tied for first place. In 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 – 2019

Congrats to Rachael McGuire on winning #BattleBetweenTheBattles as well as her dominance in all divisions she competed in this year! She rules CrossFit WODs!!! Love you girl!!! The Heavyweights are now down to 3 men who competed against each other this weekend: Cory Gregory (16), Andrew Fouts (19) and Rachael McGuire (21). Who will win? That is up to our viewers and visitors here at SmashTVRevolution where we ask: who wins “Battle Between The Battlers” between Andrew Fouts and Cory Gregory? Who wins “Battle Between The Battlers” between Rachael McGuire and James Brantley? Checkout these past battle videos…who will be victorious? The 10th Anniversary of the CrossFit Games has brought back all but one of our definite winners from 2007 through 2009! When Mervin Lee made it into 5th Place at the 2006 Games he was only 2 points behind 1st Placed Sean Ladlebottom!You can see their individual stories and watch these 10 long-time champions compete for a place

Who Is On The Crossfit 417 Team At The Crossfit Games?

Even if you don’t know anything about CrossFit, at least by now you can appreciate the alliterations in “Crossfit 417.” And if you know about CrossFit but aren’t sure who is on this team of stars, well, that is something else entirely. Becca Voigt (USA) – A recent Olympian who competed in London 2012, she took 11th place overall. Rio Fernandes (Ireland) – Run 17:06 for 10K last year at the World Half Marathon Champs and has run 2:26 for 5K since March 2013. Not many people have done what he has over the past 18 months — more on him next week!

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who are the past winners of the crossfit games?


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