Which Protein Bars Should I Eat Before Crossfit?

How do i feel when i eat half a protein bar in the morning with my breakfast? I just started crossfit but muscle burns more than fat even when running fast, how does that work? And what … Read More »


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Set your protein diet it up according to my recommendations and jog 5 times on day 2 before crossfit session you’r doing.. is that ok or should I leave it for another day ( if u like to include post workout meal) ??Im … Read More »

What To Eat To Lose Weight With Crossfit?

So this is pretty much what to eat to lose weight with crossfit…but it sure does not stop there. Everything you eat must be scientifically correct, or you will probably gain whatever it is that you are looking for. At the end of the day it’s important to steer clear of having too many carbohydrates because they can cause inflammation in your body which could lead to some serious health issues. So the focus of this article is focused more on diets which will help you burn more fat and keep it off forever! These foods here are “more than just good for you”! They actually contribute something that makes them better than other types of food! The list of these has grown since I first started writing about CrossFit Nutrition back in 2010, but after 2 years without a single one going bad in my pantry, I have decided that they have been tested enough and need their own section. Eat More Fat…But Less Carbs? Well there is a problem here since we know that not all fats are created equal when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscle mass instead burning fat easier when doing so…so….First things first: do not go out and buy anything pre-made from the local grocery store! It simply doesn’t work as well as homemade because anything pre-made has been interfered with by the manufacturing process so the ingredients aren’t always pure themselves!! Some people even believe that there might be fillers added

which protein bars should i eat before crossfit?


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