Which Crossfit Moves To Help You Lose Belly Fat?

At the gym, the pace of your workouts is often dictated by what you can handle. This tends to be lower than normal because of your pre-workout jitters and fatigue from waking up early to do a workout, but faster still because if you run out of steam at a certain point in a 20min workout then you’ll end that workout incomplete and not move on to another exercise. If you want to burn more fat or build muscle, here are some moves from crossfit movements that will surely help you achieve those goals:

Minute #1 – Good Morning Lunge

How it works: With this move your knees bend as low as they go without buckling at the bottom position. The barbell should rest across your shoulders during these moves. You could do this any number of ways – just make sure that when you step back into the lunge position with both feet flat on the ground that they stay equidistant from either side of where they were before starting. Doing a few sets each week should increase your inner thigh size drastically over time.

What Do Olympic Weight Lifters Think Of Crossfit?

Crossfit has gotten a lot of negative publicity in the past, including accusations that it is too intense, too hard or dangerous. It’s hard to say if Olympians feel this way about it because most weigh lifters probably don’t even know what Crossfit is. To understand how cross fit athletes feel about their sport take a look at these quotes from members of the Crossfit community: “CrossFit has changed my life.”* “If I didn’t have CrossFit I would just be another bodybuilder.” There are plenty of statements like these out there but you get the idea; cross fit folks believe in it and want everyone else to believe in it as well.

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which crossfit moves to help you lose belly fat?


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