Where Will The Crossfit Games Be In 2017?

All of these are valid questions that I’m sure some people will ask. We certainly haven’t made any decisions on the dates for SFG 18 or 20, but the short answer is this: I don’t know. My best guess is that they will be released early next year, probably in January. The reason why might seem a little odd, but it has to do with one of my primary goals as President of CrossFit Incorporated – which is to make an inclusive sport where anyone who wants to can participate and enjoy themselves. At first glance, doing the CrossFit Games right before Christmas seems like an awkward fit. But if you think about it from a business standpoint, it actually makes sense because we could give all our boxes as much lead time as possible so they would be ready for an influx of new members at registration time in December/January (assuming part-time model). If we launched the Open Workouts too close to December/January also you would see a lot more “Spooky Lifts and Deadlift Rocks! Pumpy Pumpy Basics and … No Squats!” videos than we want folks seeing this week just before we double down on our efforts at spreading fitness awareness through Snatchings and Snatches around the world! More importantly though there really isn’t any point in coordinating workouts around major holidays like Christmas (if you doubt me go check out CrossFit HQ & WODs for proof…

How Old Do You Have To Be For Crossfit?

I have a friend who is in her early 20s, and she’s been going to the gym for months. Although I know it’s not “serious exercise” until age 25, I asked if she had ever considered Crossfit. After all, the folks at Crossfit HQ started out as strictly a white-collar group of athletes from competitive sports. If these guys can get into the gym five times a week, why wouldn’t anyone? Surprisingly enough, my young friend said that her mom had talked her into doing some Yoga three times a week instead! In all honesty…in this case…yoga was probably better than cross fit! So take my word for it: If you want to improve your strength and flexibility—you don’t need to jump on a barbell and run around outside during winter weather in order to do so! Get yourself in front of a yoga mat or reiki healing touch machine–and leave Crossfit alone!

CrossFit® Announces Program for Licensing Competitions

where will the crossfit games be in 2017?


November 3, 2012 – North American affiliate of the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) announces a new global elite-level competition program. The Reebok CrossFit Games® is set to launch in 2013 with the announcement of an elite international series that will begin before the 2014 CrossFit Games Open. The Challenge Series will be open to all participants who earn qualifying scores—“badges”—from events throughout the year. The first official badge for 2013 is awarding points towards qualification for an invitation to participate in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Open at Stockton, CA, this summer. The winner receives $25,000 and an invitation to compete at the 2014 IFCE Annual Business Meeting in Manhattan on August 16-17th.