Where Was Dan Bailey For 2016 Crossfit Games?

dan bailey — is a coach and athlete — and he is featured in each and every episode of the nf aficionado feature. he tells us how it feels to triumphantly walk down the crossfit dirty challenge course. his appearance on season 7 of nfl network’s “taxi,” as an aficionado, was completely scripted. dan expects this year’s games to be as exciting as anything that’s happened in his entire career working with trainee military personnel at fox valley crossfit .

in addition to coaching people who have been on-call for 20 years waiting to come back from wars, dan has helped hundreds of other wounded warriors recover from post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) or traumatic brain injury (tbi). i first met him on a fox valley crossfit class called “geek squad” when one of my personal heroes stepped up to the plate just after being honorably discharged from afghanistan. he had been hit with shrapnel while driving a tank into what would become known as the dam busters operation. dan was there during recovery for Sgt. george mitchell , i believe it was – saint george – deployed july – august – 2010 – during brutal fighting in dover afghanistan . after being hit by shrapnel, all of mitch’s legs were severely injured including a double compound fracture through both legs which required multiple surgeries.

when he came back home—

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where was dan bailey for 2016 crossfit games?


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