Where To Watch The Final Two Events Of Crossfit Games?

The best place for all CrossFit fans to watch the last two CrossFit games will be at the “CrossFit Games FanZone”. This is a brand new facility located right after the start of WOD 1. It has 2 stages and a giant screen wall that shows a live feed from ESPN TV. The hours are 3pm – 11pm on January 26th, 27th, and 28th from 9am-11pm on January 25th. Tickets are free but it does require an entry wristband to gain access to this building as it is private property only available with ticket holders. If you do not have a ticket but would like tickets you can purchase them at Ticketmaster or through the link below: LINK TO TICKETING FOR THE SNEAMBOX CLOSEOUT OF 3X0! I know lining up for bars in 100+ degree heat is torture so please enjoy watching these games elsewhere 🙂

Final Thoughts & Next Steps

[adinserter block=”17″]Competition this year was amazing with almost every gym taking home their own regionals gold medalist(s). In talking with most of my bloggy friends out there most had good feelings about their regionals except one couple. However they both crushed everyone in their open and know they’ll be gunning for Worlds this year; we had some great conversations discussing how we might take different approaches towards this goal… Sadly we also missed out on several opportunities to share some tips

What Are The Crossfit Modifications For Hand Stand Push Up?

If you cannot do a handstand and want to still get in some push ups then here are the modifications. The goal will be to only touch the floor with your palms while keeping your elbows tucked close to your body. Put your knees on the floor and bend the elbows to lower the hips down so that they touch both hands above the head. Try to do as many as possible, or until failure if need be, holding at least 1 second without straining any motion before returning for another set. How Many Reps Of Hand-Stand Push Up Should I Do? The number of repetitions can vary from person to person, but 30-50 reps is a good starting point unless you have a serious injury that doesn’t allow pushing up off ground level. You might find that doing 50 reps is too much effort which could result in back pain or even an injury due to increased pressure on tendons and nerves when using more muscles including shoulders, wrists and neck muscles instead of just using arm strength alone. If you feel like you need more recovery time between sets then set it aside for 2 minutes or longer before going through another set..

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where to watch the final two events of crossfit games?


I’ll be sharing my day-to-day nutritional habits and the importance of these decisions in an upcoming post about building a better diet for martial artists. Until then, you can check out my interview with Andrea Rocheleau on The Best Way to Eat: Training and Competing in Kettlebells at http://www.bestwaytoweate.com What I’m Drinking: This is a shameless plug but if you enjoyed this article I would love it if you asked me to write something about your favorite drink! It’s been awhile since I touched on this topic but there are some great resources out there that discuss the benefits of specific beverages for athletes. Checkout Dr. Rhonda Patrick who has done extensive research into consumption of caffeine during exercise here, Carbs During Exercise here, and Dope Coffee here!