Where To Watch The 2016 Reebok Crossfit Games?

In this video it looks like you will be up on the stage for one of the events. In other words, if you are a crossfitter looking to make your presence known as a possible future Games competitor, then this would be a great year to do so. After all – last year – over 10% of the total field – competed at both games and this year that number should rise even higher! And remember- although you have yet to qualify for championship status – just being there is worth more than an iron man triathlon.

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lots of good sites talking about qualifying/attending: http://www.crossfitgames.com/blog/2016-qualifying#s18, http://windowtothegamesmedia.com/why-you-should-attend-the-2016-crossfitgames/, https://twitter.com/#!/CrossFitGames?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E105870300651328882

How To Make Your Crossfit Gym Bathroom Nice?

It’s no secret that Crossfitters have a different shower routine than the rest of the population. The demanding nature of our moves (meet, lift, swing) often leads to injuries and bad muscle soreness two days after workouts that can last for weeks. To make sure you get rid of this soreness fast, taking bath after workout is an essential part of your recovery regimen. So if there are not enough hot tubs in your gym, take matters into your own hands and make one yourself! It will be really useful when you feel like someone ripped off your hand while pulling open a heavy door during pull ups 😉 Click Image For A Larger One The Huge Leftover Bricks Will Make A Great Bathtub For You To Take One Hot One After Workout!

Nike Metcon 6 Shoe Review

where to watch the 2016 reebok crossfit games?


Firstly, you have to buy a shoe, and then go out and run in it. The Nike Metcon 6 is a great option for those that are looking for a simple, well-performing 12 400s shoe. What stands out about this shoe is the level of durability that comes with a 4 star score from gel testing (moderate) thanks to its use of FlyteFoam technology in the midsole layer. If you’re not sure whether these shoes will be up to your standards or not I encourage you to try them on before purchasing; they seem very comfortable but it all depends on the size that they fit in when adjusted properly (we’ll get into this shortly). What To Wear With This Shoe As mentioned above, when wearing these sneakers or any sneaker with gel cushioning or cushioned soles they should wear quite comfortably right out of the box; however, when sizing down they begin to feel more snug than normal. I would recommend wearing one thin sock with them due to their minimalist style design. Since this brand uses flytftfoam technology which absorbs most vibrations during running there really isn’t much support required with them so if layering multiple socks wouldn’t work then just wear one sock and enjoy how light weight yet supportive the Metcon 6 is. As far as what kind of socks can be worn with your new shoes? Well anything goes here! Typically speaking though you’ll want something thin