Where To Get My Level 1 Crossfit Certificate Chicago?

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How Many Days To Rest Before A Crossfit Competition?

The answer is RARELY. A rotation of 2-3 weeks with 3-5 days off between each week is most likely the best way to prepare for a competition due to this (and because it’s really fun if you like Crossfit). If you are preparing for your first competition, I would recommend training every other day so that the body doesn’t get too used to doing 75% or higher intensity workouts on non-rest days. This will keep you fresh and ready for the next day! 5-6 days without any physical activity at all can lead to some issues related to muscle/bone density loss, joint pain and connective tissue damage. You don’t want any of that stuff happening in preparation for your upcoming workout!

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where to get my level 1 crossfit certificate chicago?


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