Where To Fly In To For The Crossfit Games?

The answer is simple. Fly to Boston. There is no place better than Boston for the crew to get rested, prepared and ready for the second half of the season. All scheduling conflicts aside, if they show up anywhere else like the Pacific Rim or the East Coast, there will be a lack of attendance and competition throughout their workouts and competitions leading up to probably one of most important weeks in CrossFit Games history. For those looking to travel with us at our final event for this season (the open) if you want to explore options that include: great downtown restaurants and bars; playing sports; visiting historic landmarks; climbing tall buildings; getting lost on trails through New England National Park System; exploring artisanal foods from across New England ~ Be sure you follow #EventCrossfit13 where we will share these experiences as many as possible

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How Many Times Can I Do Crossfit Daily?

A few things you need to consider—other than your ability level. For starters, is your program following a strict version of CrossFit? If you’re doing the same exercises day-in and day-out with no variation, you will most likely become bored and lose motivation very quickly. Use what we call “variable work days”—you can do an exercise three or more times during a training cycle. For example, I usually train five days a week: one heavy strength session per week on Monday and Thursday (snatch deadlifts and back squats), one heavy intensity session on Tuesday (Tabata-style tempo squats), two easy sessions on Wednesday and Friday (singles for time), then either Saturday or Sunday off. Every single workout consists of four to five different exercises that are all variations of snatches/deadlifts/back squats. This helps keep workouts fresh, keeps my heart rate up throughout the entire workout, allows me to use weight heavier than using only three sets would allow me to maintain, makes sure I get sufficient recovery between sets so I don’t become over worked, aids in muscular growth because not every muscle group needs equal emphasis at any point in time throughout each week’s training session…and it also forces me to be creative with my programming by varying my movements frequently throughout each training cycle! The Benefits of Crossfit Obviously the greatest benefit that comes from participating in regular exercise is losing fat; however there


where to fly in to for the crossfit games?


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