Where To Camp In Madison Wi For Crossfit Games?

anywhere to go camping in madison wi for crossfit games?

do you know any good places to camp near the area of Madison, WI for CrossFit Games weekend? What are the best places to go camping around the Madison Wisconsin area during weekend of CrossFit games 2016. I have friends who will be coming from out-of-town so I am looking for some ideas. Thanks! -SugarPuck

Alejandro, this is a great question because you wrote “What are the best places to go camping around the Madison Wisconsin area during weekend of CrossFit games 2016.” As if that’s all that matters 😛 Stay tuned though because somebody asked me something similar on Reddit just before you, and he found some specifics about where his group was staying. Regardless of how people decide to leave their tents at home, there are plenty of well known locations for athletes and spectators alike in and around Madison Wisconsin:


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That said, taking your tent with you might sound like a good idea when it comes time to head back up north in late June or early July (or whenever we announce we’re heading back). But if you want more information about what keeps us down here year round, check out this website: http

What Is The Song With Time To Get Up In Fit Trek Crossfit?

The song that kept me up at night for several nights in a row was Ed Sheeran’s Castle On The Hill. It is just so dang catchy! I can’t get it out of my head, and even though I have been training crossfit for over a year now, its not getting any easier to fall asleep when I go to bed. There are some songs that just stick in your head and this song may be one of them. In fact, my dad recently asked me what song keeps playing in my head when I am working out or doing something intense with the dog outside. Before you read on, let me share a few of the lyrics from the popular tune: “All these games we play / All the rules we break / Don’t want to live forever / But sometimes if you love enough / You can make it through forever” I know that this video is from an older version of the castle on the hill video from when they first released it back in 2008 but they changed it up fast! Watch how they changed it above! This may be another reason why my dad is also asking me about this song because he likes this one too! He has been known to play it while he walks his dogs near our house in London England. They hit their stride going past our house quite frequently and sometimes you will see him singing along with a smile on his face as he does so. And apparently his wife always reminds him he


where to camp in madison wi for crossfit games?


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