Where The Hell Are The 2017 Crossfit Games?

caloriesforfastboys Let’s be honest here. WOD 1 was a joke and never could have been the real CrossFit Games Open. Dave Castro repeating a men’s division from last year? This is preposterous.

I’m almost certain that this means that the 2017 Open will have even fewer teams than last year. That would be a bad thing IMO, especially with them saying it’ll be an early start date to try to take advantage of the fact that Santa Cruz is going away for a bit because of bikers ruining all their fun.

No matter what, I love CNN as usual and they seem to be doing a good job with this one! Can’t wait for its first episode! 😀

Actually before this was announced I’ve been considering skipping any other events from now on until the real games are done next year, don’t want it getting stale or boring before then(been playing another event nearly every month since last January). Not sure yet but there may very well end up being more weekend events/reps during OA after said edition of the OC… we shall see what happens not sure how much back-burner material we might get for OA if we haven’t had it already in CFX:)

How Good Must You Be Too Win Crossfit Games?

To qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen and 18 years old or older at time of registration and representation at the Games in Carson, California in 2018. You must also have earned a CrossFit Regional Affiliate title to compete for your country in the Open competitions. *U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands residents living elsewhere will need to complete their WTF affiliate registration online before registering for Regionals* Please note: If you live outside the U.S., citizens from other countries are welcome to register for America’s Regional—if they can clearly demonstrate they are eligible through their country’s qualifying system—in which case they should arrive with all necessary documents to fulfill IMG Rule #4 above (see rule 4). Rule #4: Signing up is NOT enough! No Athletes will be accepted unless there are Global Affiliates who agree to ensure that they complete IMG Rule #3 above, according to these following guidelines: 1) Provide all necessary documentation proving eligibility under IWF Rules; 2) Select athlete-athlete teams only; 3) Limit athletes’ scores toward regional locations by maximum points allocated based on each competitor’s designated weight category AND divisions awarded at the International Level, e.g., Division 42 Men 90 Kilo = 2 score points while Division 42 Master 40+ = 0 score point 4) Refrain from switching competitors between categories/divisions during competition 5) Mandatory scoring sheets should provide

Reebok CrossFit Nanos

where the hell are the 2017 crossfit games?


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