Where Is Crossfit Festivus Going To Be In Rocklin, Ca?

got more of a workout this week at the gym than i ever have before and was even sore on sunday. havent thrown up in weeks and if anyone sees my bff (the one that is more fitness obsessed than me) she was like, “dude! you’re looking good!”. it feels great to be more healthy and happy.

i had a crazy dream last night…my friends ditched me for dale &cary, the ones who made lame jokes about dumb stuff they did as kids so i thought they would all fall for their girls but noooo….they were actually bad guys trying to split us up because we couldn’t stand each other so seriously said, “if we do these things we’ll miss important parts of our lives”. then this day started and my friend presented her boyfriend with an engagement ring and three kiddos that she talked him into having with him just to keep him interested. then later on that night i went out drinking with her once again but totally forgot where we parked or what route back. it ended up being a trail run if you can believe it =/ too many beers = not enough running haha anywho I woke from my coma from pure exhaustion from sweating through most of summer!!!=D[img]http://southpawgoddess.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/saturn-riding-home-via-the-backwards-path.png[/img

How Many Times A Week Should You Crossfit?

Crossfit is hard enough, you’re going to burn yourself out if you do it all the time. You need to take breaks from time to time to recover or even worse, get injured during a workout. It’s good for your muscles, joints and tendons after all! We recommend having at least one full rest day every two-three week cycle. This gives your body ample time to absorb the nutrients that are ingested during each exercise session. You would be surprised how much resting really does help! Staying too long in one training zone could lead to overuse injuries so remember this!

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where is crossfit festivus going to be in rocklin, ca?


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